Barry Weiss Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Channel, Salary, Wife-2020

Barry Weiss Net Worth: $10 million

Real NameBarry Weiss
Date of BirthJune 23rd, 1964
ProfessionAntique Collector, Trader, TV Star, Music Producer
SpouseUnknown (Divorced)
2 sons
Family members3

Who is Barry Weiss?

Barry Weiss is a businessman who was born on February 11th, 1959 in New Jersey, United States. He was a businessman for a long time. But he wasn’t as famous as he is today.

This is because of his role in the reality TV show ‘Storage Wars.’ Barry was once CEO of the two companies named ‘RCA/Jive Label Group’, Universal Republic Records, and The Island Def Jam Music Group.

He had a major impact on the careers of the music stars like T-Pain, Justin Timberlake, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, and many others.

The major source of Barry Weiss net worth, which is $10 million, is from his company named ‘Northern Produce’ which he shares with his real brother.

The two brothers trade internationally for fruits and vegetables. This is a family business for them.

Barry Weiss wife

Apart from being a trader and music producer, Barry is an antique collector. He has been doing this for years and has earned some solid revenue with it.

This is the reason why he was offered a part in the show ‘Storage Wars.’ He has also earned loads of wealth from the show which also fulfills his passion for antique collection.

Early Life

Barry Weiss was born in Demarest, New Jersey, USA on 11th Feb 1959. His father’s name is Hy Weiss and mother’s name is Rosalyn Weiss. Both of his parents are dead now.

There is not much known about his childhood. However, as a teenager, Barry went to the Cornell University for higher education. His first ever job was to promote rock and College radio for ‘Infinity Records’.

He then worked for ‘Ariola America.’ From there he learned the basics and the fundamentals of how to make a piece of music go hit and get sells.

Barry’s basic learning of business was from his father and from the people he worked for and worked with. He did his MBA from New York University and was immediately appointed as the president of Variety Records.


Barry has always been private about his family. Although, it is known that he has two sons from his ex-wife.

Barry Weiss Children

Barry Weiss with his son


There is not much known about his wife or any other spouse. However, it is known that he was married for a couple of years then got divorced. He and his wife have two sons and Barry has the custody of both of them.


Barry is a big businessman. He has worked for several big names in the music industry and also has a family business of selling fruits and vegetables.

However, his passion has always been the collection of antiques. So, let’s discuss this passion of Barry as it is the reason why we know him today.

Storage Wars Cast: Dave Hester, Darrel Sheets, Jarrod Schultz, and Brandi Passante

Storage Wars Cast: Dave Hester, Darrel Sheets, Jarrod Schultz, and Brandi Passante

In 2010, Barry was chosen as an official Storage Wars cast along with the collectors like Dave Hester, Darrel Sheets, Jarrod Schultz, and Brandi Passante.

A storage container was given with unknown items in it. Each of the players had only 5 minutes to inspect the container. All of them had to bid for it. Whoever gets the container had to sell the items in such a way that could make a profit.

All these profits have contributed to Barry Weiss net worth of $10 million.

Barry was a part Storage Wars cast since the very first episode of the first season which was aired on 1st December 2010. He had some competitive members against him.

Jarrod and Brandi store was the most competitive one. However, they all became famous as the show went on to be a major hit. Moreover, each of them made a handful of money as well through this show.

Barry used to charge $10,000 for each episode apart from the profit he used to make via those items they used to bid for. He earned 5 digit profit in each of the seasons through trade.

Jarrod and Brandi Store

Jarrod and Brandi’s Store

However, he had some controversies with the management of the show and was fired after the third season. He then sued the owners and proved that the allegation was a false one.

The producers had to give Barry his place back and so he returned in 2015. Barry Weiss net worth is estimated to be $10 million at the moment.

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