Dave Hester Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Salary, Wife-2020

Dave Hester Net Worth: $4 million

Real NameDave Hester
Date of BirthJune 23rd, 1964
ProfessionAuctioneer, Entrepreneur, TV Star
Dave Jr. (Son)
Family members4

Who is Dave Hester?

Dave Hester is an American TV star who features in the show ‘Storage Wars.’ The show is about some people who buy stuff through auction and then earn out of it.

The challenging part is that a contestant is allowed to have a time of only a minute or two to look through the stuff that is up for auction.

Apart from the show, Dave is an entrepreneur and a professional auctioneer. All of his business ventures are the reasons that Dave Hester net worth is $4 million at the moment.

Dave Hester Posing with colleagues

Dave Hester Posing with colleagues


Dave Hester is a very private man. He doesn’t share his personal life with media. Therefore, there is nothing known about his wife.

Dave’s social media accounts are private and therefore couldn’t give any hint about his personal life. However, he has a son which is a strong indication that he is married. He might have his own reasons to hide such things from media.

Family Life

Despite being very private, it is known that Dave Hester has a son named ‘Dave Jr.’ Dave’s father was a military man and an antique collector.

His mother was a Mexican and he has a brother. Mr. and Mrs. Hester were antique collectors and used to buy and collect antique stuff to support their living.

This is how Dave learned to collect and auction for antiques.


Dave started his career at the age of 14. He used to buy and sell from military stores. As he grew up, he had a vast knowledge of antiques.

This is why he was picked up for the show ‘Storage Wars.’ He joined the show in 2010. It was the very first season and Dave was one of the eldest participants.

Dave Hester and Storage Wars Cast

Dave Hester and Storage Wars Cast

After the second season, the producers of the show and Dave Hester got in some issues due to which he was fired. However, he sued the production team for wrongfully dismissing him.

He then rejoined the show in 2014.

Outside the show, he owns an auction house which is earning him loads of money. However, he started two companies named ‘Newport Consignment Gallery’ and ‘Rags to Riches Thrift Keep.’

None of them could do well and were eventually shut down. Despite the failures, Dave Hester net worth is still $4 million.

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