Faze Rain Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Salary, Girlfriend-2020

Faze Rain Net Worth: $2.1 million

Net Worth$2.1 million
Real NameNordan Shat
Date of BirthMay 29th, 1996
ProfessionGamer, Youtuber
Channel NameFaze Rain
Subscribers5.2 million
Family members5

Who is Faze Rain?

Faze Rain is a gamer who is a part of one of the most popular gaming group in the world, ‘Faze Clan‘. He was born on May 29th, 1996 in Canada.

His real name is Nordan Shat. ‘Faze Rain’ is a nickname he has adapted for gaming purpose.

His team ‘Faze Clan’ has 29 members and Faze Rain is the most popular among them. Faze himself has 5.2 million subscribers and more than 1 billion video views on his personal channel only.

Whereas, the subscribers of the team channel ‘Faze Clan’ has a total of 4.2 million subscribers which shows the popularity of Faze himself over his team. His personal channel includes gaming videos, fan mails, and vlogs.

After all of this hard work Faze Rain net worth is almost $2.1 million.

Faze Rain net worth

Faze Rain

Early Life

Nordan Shat was born in Toronto, Canada. He grew up there. His family had four members in total, Nordan himself, his father, his mother, and his sister.

The Shat family was a happy family and Nordan was a jolly person. He was known as the jocker within his class as he used to spend most of his time trying to come up with things to make others laugh and used to pull pranks.

But the atmosphere of his house changed. His parents started fighting each and every day. Nordan and his sister became afraid which ultimately ended up with Faze going into deep depression.

His life became miserable. He lost track of his studies, he wasn’t funny anymore.

Faze Rain net worth

Faze Rain on his gaming chair

Faze Rain’s parents split up and got divorced. However, his mother married her boss afterward, who was a very kind and humble man.

Despite being the step-father, he helped Nordan get out of the depression and treated him like his own child. It was for him that Faze’s life came back to the right track.

However, he went into depression again after some time and had to visit a therapist to come back to normal.


Faze Rain dated a beautiful blonde Instagram model named ‘Taylor.’ The couple was very close and seemed to have a great chemistry. She used to appear frequently in Faze’s videos.

However, the couple broke up in 2016. Faze is single at the moment and is not interested in bringing any other woman in his life.

Faze Rain with his girlfriend

Faze Rain with his girlfriend

Faze Rain with his girlfriend

Faze Rain with his girlfriend

Faze Rain with his girlfriend

Faze Rain with his girlfriend 


While Faze Rain was in grieve depression, he used to find relief by playing video games. His therapist also suggested him to look for a hobby.

Faze saw gaming as the thing that could get him out of depression. After spending some time watching the videos on YouTube in which other gamers used to show their tricks while playing different games, Faze decided to do the same.

He started a YouTube channel and made videos of himself. Currently, he has 5.2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel ‘Faze Rain’.

He is also a member of one of the most popular gaming teams in the world ‘Faze Clan’. His channel has the highest contribution to Faze Rain net worth.

Faze Rain Car

Faze Rain with his car: Faze Rain net worth

Faze Clan Members

Faze Clan is one of the most popular and most successful gaming teams in the world. It has a YouTube channel with more than 4.2 million subscribers. The team was founded by Faze Clipz, Faze Resistance, and Faze Housecat.

Currently, it has following members:

  1. Faze Rug
  2. Faze Rain
  3. Ricky Banks
  4. Faze Adapt
  5. Faze Apex
  6. Faze Jev
  7. Faze Blaziken
  8. Thomas Oliveira
  9. Faze Teeqo
  10. Faze Censor
  11. Faze Kay
  12. Cizzorz
  13. Austin Pamajewon
  14. Garrett Underhill
  15. MojoOnPC
  16. Faze Sensei
  17. Faze Cheo
  18. Carl Riemer
  19. Faze CBass
  20. Faze Dirty
  21. Justin Escalona
  22. Dillon Prince
  23. Faze Replays
  24. James Eubanks
  25. Casey Swanson
  26. Faze Hazz
  27. Marcus Blanks
  28. Faze Linkzy
  29. Faze HugZ
  30. Faze Jinx
  31. Kieran Agony
  32. Faze Twistt
  33. Faze Enable
  34. Faze Ruler
  35. Faze Iced
  36. Faze Testy
  37. Jasper Schellens
  38. Devin Agony
  39. Tony Kampy
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