Gareth Bale’s Net Worth, Salary, Career And Wife-2020

Gareth Bale Net Worth: $125 million

Gareth Bale Salary: $25 million/Year

Full NameGareth Frank Bale
Date of Birth16th July, 1989
ClubReal Madrid club de Football
Salary$25 million
SpouseEmma Rhys-Jones
Alba Violet, Nava Valentina

Who Is Gareth Bale?

Gareth Bale is a Welsh professional football player who plays for the Spanish club Real Madrid. The club pays him $25 million in salary every year. This is the reason why Gareth Bale net worth is so huge.

Bale plays as an attacker for both his club and country. His favorite position is on the right wing and has a great ability to cross the ball to strikers waiting in the penalty area.

Gareth Bale Net Worth

Gareth Bale Net Worth: $125 Million

Moreover, Gareth Bale is fast and can get away from defenders through his extraordinary speed and physical balance. He is powerful and can shoot from distance as well. His immense ability to curve the ball makes him more dangerous than he already is.


Gareth Bale started his career in the Barclays Premier League playing for the small club Southampton. His talent was obvious from a young age when he emerged out as Southampton’s first choice free-kick taker.

In 2007, he made a move to the English club Tottenham Hotspurs. Tottenham is one of the biggest clubs in the country hence was the best place for Bale to showcase his talents.

Young Gareth Bale Playing For Tottenham Hotspurs

Young Gareth Bale Playing For Tottenham Hotspurs

By 2011, Bale was recognized as one of the best talents in the footballing world and became an integral part of the starting eleven of Spurs.

Due to certain tactical changes, Bale transformed from a left back to a deadly attacker. In 2013, he was named as the PFA player of the year. This is when Real Madrid swooped Gareth Bale away.

Although the details of the transfer were never revealed, reports and some leaked documents suggested that the move cost the Spanish club $100 million.

Bale became the most expensive player ever (at the time). He stole the record from his team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo who was formerly bought by Real Madrid for $80 million, a world record at the time.

Gareth Bale Signs For Real Madrid

Gareth Bale Signs For Real Madrid

Bale instantly made a duo with Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid competing with the rival duo of FC Barcelona which had Lionel Messi and the recently arrived Brazilian golden boy Neymar Jr.

The Welshman was crucial for the club in his very first season. He won UEFA Champions League and Copa Del Rey and scored in both the finals.

Since then, he has won 3 UEFA Champions League title. In 2016 final, he assisted a goal to Sergio Ramos. However, in 2018, Bale scored two spectacular goals in the final to claim Real Madrid’s record 13th UEFA Champions League title.

Gareth Bale Wins 4th UEFA Champions League Trophy in 2018

Gareth Bale Wins 4th UEFA Champions League Trophy in 2018

Net Worth

Gareth Bale net worth is $125 million. He has been earning well since his Tottenham days. Apart from the $25 million salary he receives, he has a number of sponsorship deals with various brands.

Gareth Bale Cars

Gareth Bale Posing With His Expensive Car

The endorsements do earn him big amounts every year. Moreover, Real Madrid pays him nothing less $25 million in salary every year in addition to bonuses for scoring crucial goals and winning trophies.


Gareth Bale is engaged to Emma Rhys-Jones. Emma and Bale attended high school together and are in a relationship since then.

Gareth and Emma have two daughters together. The couple is expecting their third child soon. Moreover, they got engaged in 2017 and are about to get married.

Gareth Bale With Wife

Gareth Bale With Wife

Emma Rhys-Jones stays away from the media’s attention and hence very little is known about her past. However, it is rumored that she used to be a hairstylist while Bale was trying his luck as a footballer. Luckily, it went well for the Welshman.

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