Jimmy Fallon Net Worth, Wiki, Salary, Wife-2020


Net Worth$60 million
Real NameJames Thomas Fallon Jr
Date of BirthSeptember 19th, 1974
ProfessionSinger, Host, Comedian, Producer, Writer
SpouseNancy Juvonen
NationalityUnited States of America


Jimmy Fallon is a television personality who hosts the show named “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”. He is a comedian, actor, host, producer, and writer.

He was born in Brooklyn, NYC on 19th September 1974 to a catholic couple James W. Fallon (father) and Gloria (mother).

Jimmy had a sister Gloria Fallon named after his very own mother. Both the siblings went to a Roman Catholic school named St. Marry of the snow.

Although the family lives in America, Jimmy and his sister belong to 4 ethnicities i.e. German, Irish, French, and Norwegian.

Jimmy Fallon net worth: $60 million

Jimmy Fallon net worth: $60 million

Since a very young age, Fallon was inclined towards comedy. As a kid, he used to participate in school functions and contests. Interest became passion and passion became a career for Jimmy Fallon.

Although his career is in comedy and showbiz, he got a college degree in communications.


Mr. James W. Fallon, father of Jimmy Fallon used to sing in the street corner group. When the state called, he fought in the Vietnam war for the United States. After Jimmy’s birth, Mr. Fallon started working as a machine repairman for a company. This was also the reason why the family moved to Saugerties near New York.

Jimmy and his sister had overprotective parents due to which had a childhood full of restrictions. The only time they could go out of the house was the school time or church time.

Jimmy Fallon's with his family

Being a practicing catholic, the Fallon family used to spend time in the church. Jimmy was also the altar boy there. He really liked spending time at the church and wanted to be a priest.

However, his passion for comedy got the better of him and he pursued a career in it. He was obsessed with the comedy show ‘Saturday Night Live’. Along with his sister, he would re-enact various acts of the show.

By the age of 13, he started doing comedy and singing shows in his school. He was a real star among the kids there. When he was 21, he moved to LA in order to look for opportunities to kick start a career in comedy.

It is remarkable how a middle-class guy would go on to create Jimmy Fallon net worth of $60 million.



In 1995, Fallon dropped out of college where he was pursuing a degree in communications. He moved to Los Angeles and managed to get an agent/manager for himself who would get him in stand-ups and improvs where he earned a little bit of money.

Moreover, his manager also got him a part in the movies ‘The Entrepreneurs’ and ‘Father’s Day’. His roles were short but it was a good start for him and paid him well. He also had a minor role in the show ‘Spin City’.

Throughout his struggle, his aim remained to be on the show ‘Late Night Show’ which he was obsessed about. In a couple of years, he was successfully selected to be a part of the show and his life long dream come true.


In 1998, Jimmy debuted on the Saturday Night Live show as a featured player. Within 5 appearances, he became a star on the show. He would go on to mimic a number of big stars like Robert De Niro.

During this time, he also wrote a book with the title ‘I Hate This Place: A Pessimist’s Guide to Life’ which consisted of e-mails that he and his sister exchanged.

Being a star of the SNL show made him famous among the people. A big part of his fan base are female because of the reason that he is charming alongside being funny.

During the time on the show, he had immense success. He would go on to be a model for Calvin Klein and got into a number of other big ventures. His time on the show lasted for six years after which he switched to the movie industry.


In 2004, Jimmy Fallon lured towards movies. The SNL shoot was in LA whereas his movie ‘Taxi’ was being shot in NYC. So he had to manage between the two and sometimes had a conflict between the two shooting dates. He was in an uncomfortable situation and decided not to renew his SNL contract which was about to expire.

However, his sacrifice went all in vain as his movie was a flop and got heavy criticism from fans and critics.

In 2005, he got the lead role in another movie ‘Fever Pitch’. The second had no better result than the first one. He realized that the cinema industry was not the best match for him.


In 2009, NBC signed Jimmy to host their show ‘Late Night’. The audience and the critics were confused as first as to how to receive the new version of the show ‘Late Night’. In less than a year, Jimmy completely evolved the show with music as an essential component.

Another essential component of the show was Jimmy’s online presence and interaction with fans. And it was no surprise that the show went on to be a big hit and Jimmy got his stardom back.

It was rumored that by 2011 Jimmy’s annual salary from the show was a whooping $11 million.


In 2013, NBC announced that Jimmy has been appointed the new host of the show ‘The Tonight Show’. He debuted in 2014 and is currently hosting the same program.


Jimmy Fallon net worth is jaw-dropping $60 million. He has been a successful late-night show host and is one of the highest-paid in the industry.

It is rumored that at the beginning of ‘The Tonight Show’ his salary was $5 million per year. However, in 2020 it is rumored to $16 million.

He has had big-money contracts throughout his career which is the reason why Jimmy Fallon net worth is massive.


Fallon married his wife Nancy Juvonen in 2007. Nancy was the co-owner of the production house ‘Flower Films’ and produced Jimmy’s movie Fever Pitch. Although the movie couldn’t find it’s way up, the relationship between Fallon and Nancy sure did.

Jimmy Fallon with his wife Nancy Juvonen

Jimmy proposed to Nancy and four months later they were married. In 2013 and 2014 the couple had their two daughters.

The Jimmy Fallon family

The Jimmy Fallon family

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