Ricegum Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Channel, Salary-2020

Ricegum Net Worth: $2.5 million

Net Worth$2.5 million
Real NameBryan Lee
Date of BirthNovember 19th, 1996
Channel NameRicegum
Subscribers10.8 million
Family members-

Who is Ricegum?

Ricegum is an American Youtuber. He was born on November 19th, 1996 in Las Vegas, California. ‘Ricegum’ is kind of a stage name that he is known with among the online world.

His real name is ‘Bryan Lee.’ Bryan is a gamer since he was a kid. He used to spend a big amount of time out of his day to play video games.

One day, Ricegum decided to upload his gaming videos on YouTube and he succeeded. Due to his work on Youtube, Ricegum net worth is almost $2.5 million today. This is a great achievement since he is still very young.

Ricegum Net Worth

Early Life

Ricegum got his high school education from Sierra Vista High School. After that, he went to the University of Nevada in Las Vegas to get his professional degree.

All the time he was studying, he wanted to spend more and more time playing video games and uploading videos to Youtube.

Since he was a passionate gamer from a very young age, Bryan got the idea of uploading gaming videos on YouTube in 2010. He created a channel named ‘Ricegum.’

Bryan started Ricegum channel by showing Call of Duty videos. His first video was titled ‘Lifestory:Babysitting Ricegum.’ The viewers started liking his content and his followers increased in a very short span of time.

After some time, Ricegum started streaming on Twitch as well.

Ricegum net worth

Ricegum while shooting of “These Kids Must Be Stopped”

Ricegum Girlfriend

Ricegum has also been very secretive about his personal life. Although he is often spotted with different women, he has never confirmed about any of them if she is her girlfriend or not.

So, there is nothing known about who he is dating.


Ricegum started working on Youtube in 2010. However, he was not that much popular at the time. It was until 2015 when one of his videos, named ‘These Kids Must Be Stopped,’ went viral.

The video was about Bryan criticizing some of the kids on the internet who should be stopped because of their excessive stupidity. He decided to launch a complete series with this very title.

This series provided the boost that Ricegum needed in his YouTube career. His excellent YouTube career has been one of the reasons for Ricegum net worth reaching $2.5 million in 2020.

Ricegum on his gaming chair

Ricegum on his gaming chair

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