Rich Chigga Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Channel, Salary-2020

Rich Chigga net worth: $ 300,000

Net Worth$300,000
Real NameBrian Imanuel
Date of BirthSeptember 3rd, 1999
Channel NameBrian Imanuel
Subscribers11 million
Family members-

Who is Rich Chigga?

Rich Chigga is known around the world for his famous rapping styles. Not just rapping he has a huge fan following as a songwriter, comedian and internet sensation.

Amongst his songs “Who That Be” and “Glow Like That” are the most famous ones. Rich Chigga net worth is $300,000.

As an Indonesian, he’s very fluent in English because he self-learned English by YouTube videos. He currently lives in America and is enjoying his life.

Rich Chigga net worth

Married Life

Rich Chigga is too young to get married and is very secretive about his personal life. No information is ever disclosed relating to his girlfriends. But due to his good looks and popularity, girls from all around the globe got a huge crush on him.

Rich Chigga net worth


Rich Chigga, the other name of Rich Brian, was born in Jakarta to a Chinese-Indonesian couple. Though his father was a lawyer, he was raised in a lower-middle-class neighborhood.

His parents also had a café which was primarily being run by his mother and he used to help them with it. Because of this, he never went to school and was home-schooled.

He had a very hardworking and caring family which always supported him during his challenges.

Rich Chigga net worth


Rich Brian started his music career in July 2015, by uploading a video on Youtube which helped him to reach 1 million views. His music style is considered “Ironic” by many mentors.

Brian won 4th Indonesian style awards and is having tours all around the globe. Some of his songs are rich in comedy. Apart from singing, he’s a very good comedian. Rich Brian net worth is three hundred thousand US dollars.

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