Sergio Ramos Net Worth, Salary, Career, Girlfriend, Tattoos & Hairstyles-2020

Sergio Ramos Net Worth: $62 million

Sergio Ramos Salary: $8 million/annum

Full NameSergio Ramos García
Date of BirthMarch 30th, 1986
Age 32
ClubReal Madrid club de Football
Salary$8 million+
SpousePilar Rubio Fernandez
Sergio Ramos Rubio, Alejandro Ramos Rubio, Marco Ramos Rubio
ParentsJose Maria Ramos, Paqui Ramos

Who is Sergio Ramos?

Sergio Ramos is a Spanish international football player who has been with the club Real Madrid for most of his career.

He was born on March 30, 1986, in a small town of Sevilla, a Spanish province. At the age of 32, he is among the very best defenders in the world.

Sergio is a born winner. He is passionate, motivated, and drives the team’s spirit, both with the national team and with the club. His heroics have saved Real Madrid on several crucial occasions.

Sergio Ramos Net Worth: $62 million

Sergio Ramos Net Worth: $62 million

Real Madrid’s 10th Champions League trophy wouldn’t have been possible if Sergio Ramos wouldn’t have kept his calm and scored a goal almost 10 seconds before the full-time.

He has been with Real Madrid for 13 years and has been paid accordingly. This is one of the reasons why Sergio Ramos net worth is huge.


Sergio Ramos started his footballing career by joining Sevilla FC’s youth academy. He rose through the ranks of the club and got his first ever league debut in 2004 at the age of only 18.

He was talented and became a superstar in the team by 2005 which is the reason why Real Madrid spent almost $30 million to bring him to the club. It was an honor for the player to cost this high at the age of only 20.

Sergio Ramos in his early days playing for Real Madrid CF

20 Years Old Sergio Ramos Playing for Real Madrid CF

Since then, he has been a crucial part of Real Madrid’s defense. His attacking contributions are also huge and the club owes him big time for scoring goals in do or die situations in big competitions.

Ramos hasn’t enjoyed only his club career. He has been a part of Spain’s national team since 2005 when he was very young. With the national team, he has won 2 Euro cups and 1 World Cup. He was at the heart of the defense of the team alongside his club rivals Carles Puyol and Gerard Pique.

Sergio Ramos lifting World Cup trophy in 2010

Sergio Ramos lifting World Cup trophy in 2010

With Real Madrid, he has won 4 UEFA Champions League titles, 4 Spanish League titles, 2 Copa Del Reys, 3 FIFA Club World Cup, and various other minor trophies.

Sergio Ramos Lifting UEFA Champions League Trophy-2018

Sergio Ramos Lifting UEFA Champions League Trophy-2018

Moreover, he has also won a number of individual honors. He has been named 8 times in the FIFPro team of the year. His individual honors’ list goes on and on.

Net Worth

Sergio Ramos net worth has been estimated to be $62 million. He receives almost $8 million from Real Madrid as an annual salary excluding bonuses he gets as a result of great performances in big competitions.

Apart from his salary, Sergio Ramos has made investments as well and is earning a great deal out of it. It is estimated that his personal investments reach a mark of almost $25 million.

Sergio Ramos' Car

Sergio Ramos at Audi’s Car Launch

Ramos is also a car lover. He owns luxurious cars of an estimated value of $3.1 million. He is a crucial player in the team and his pay justifies his contribution.


Sergio Ramos’ latest contract with Real Madrid expires in 2021. The club is paying him $8 million per year as salary which makes him one of the highest paid players at the club.

He is also paid a huge amount of money to represent Spain on the international forum. This also adds up to his salary.

Moreover, his investments in other businesses also pay him in the form of monthly profit which also increases his salary and net worth.


Sergio Ramos is dating the Spanish reporter and TV presenter Pilar Rubio Fernandez since 2012. The couple is living together for a long time now and has 3 children together. Their first child was born in May of 2016, second in November 2015, and the third one in 2018.

Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio have a baby-2018

Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio have a baby in 2018

Pilar is a Spanish TV presenter, reporter, and an Instagram model. She has appeared in a number of movies and TV dramas and series.

Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio

Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio at “The Best Award”-2017

The woman is gorgeous and a winner in life, just like Sergio Ramos. She has won several awards and honors for her work. Moreover, she was named as the sexiest woman in the world by FHM Magazine.

Pilar Rubio Posing During a Press Conference

Pilar Rubio Posing During a Press Conference


The Real Madrid and Spain’s skipper is a tattoo lover. His body is full of them. All of them have some meaning. Here is a look at some of his tattoos.

Sergio Ramos' Tattoo on Fingers

Sergio Ramos’ Tattoo on Fingers

Sergio Ramos' Tattoo on Hands

Sergio Ramos’ Tattoo on Hands

Sergio Ramos' Tattoo of Himself On Foot

Tattoo of Himself On Foot

Sergio Ramos' Tattoo On The Back

His Back Is Full Of Tattoos Which Show His Past Life and Events


Sergio Ramos has a huge fan following due to football and his fashion sense. He changes hairstyles often and they are copied by his fans and followers. Here is a look at the most famous haircuts Sergio Ramos has had in the past.

Sergio Ramos Haircuts-Long Hair

Sergio Ramos’ Long Hair in 2005

Sergio back swept shoulder length hairstyle

Sergio Ramos’ Back Swept Shoulder Length Hairstyle

Sergio Ramos Blonde Hairstyle

Sergio Ramos’ Blonde Hairstyle

Sergio Ramos' Side Cut and Beard Style

Sergio Ramos’ Side Cut and Beard Style

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