Sue Aikens Net Worth, Bio, Wiki, Age, Attack, Children-2020

Sue Aikens Net Worth: $500,000

Real NameSue Aiken
Date of BirthJuly 1st, 1963
SpouseWindowed 2 times, Divorced 1 time
Family members3

Who is Sue Aikens?

Sue Aikens is a TV star who is popular for being a part of the show ‘Life Below Zero’ at BBC.

Her net worth is estimated to be $500,000. Sue’s past and present, both have been a struggle.

She went through a hard time and still made it to the finishing line to be an inspiration.

Her hard work and desire to change her life was the reason why Sue Aikens net worth is this much high.

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Sue Aikens net worth: $500,000

Early Life

Sue Aikens’ had a difficult time growing up. At the age of 12, her mother abandoned her in Alaska.

Due to the extreme cold weather and rough conditions in Alaska, Sue had a tough time to survive every day with no food and shelter.

This made her rough and tough, and she became the fearless lady she now is.

Currently, she is one of the six survivors of the show ‘Life Below Zero’ where each one of them is left at a random spot with almost zero or very fewer resources to survive.

This isn’t a tough task for a woman who has spent her entire life surviving in Alaska with no resources.

Family Life

Sue Aikens has never revealed much about her parents and siblings. However, it all started with a mother who left her to struggle through the tough conditions to survive.

Her married life wasn’t smooth either. She got married but her husband died soon after.

Sue looked forward and married again. The couple enjoyed each other’s company for 17 years.

After that, the father of Sue’s two children died and she was left alone again with the responsibility of her children and the pain of losing a loved one again.

However, she married for the third time. But her third husband was not a person to trust.

He fell in love with some other woman and filed a divorce against Sue.

Another blow to Sue Aikens’ family life is that when her kids grew up, they gave up the nomad style of living.

They went on to settle in the cities due to which Sue couldn’t regularly meet her kids.

Sue Aikens Children

Sue Aikens with Daughter


Sue’s stories, of how she survived as a kid and how skilled she is to protect herself in the ugliest of situations, were famous in the area where she used to live.

This was the reason why BBC offered her a role in their upcoming documentary show ‘Life Below Zero’.

She never had second thoughts and went on to accept the offer. Her journey to stardom began in 2013.

There was no reason to even think twice. She was offered to be paid for doing what she has done her entire life for free.

There are six members of the cast, Erik Salitan, Sue Aikens, Flenn Villeneuve, Andy Bassich, Agnes Hailstone, and Jessie Holmes.

All of them are survivors in the show and had to go through the struggle on the camera.

BBC knows that their employers are living a tough life and such survival tasks are not easy. So they are paid accordingly.

Sue Aikens salary is almost $200,000 per annum. Moreover, she has a camp venture.

Sue provides accommodation to hunters and the people who are in the woods for pleasure. She charges almost $350 a day which would add up and give her a good enough revenue.

Her journey from having nothing to Sue Aikens net worth $500,000 is surely an inspiration for millions out there.


While performing these extremely survival tasks, Sue Aikens met two horrible accidents when she was about to die.

The first one was a bear attack which injured her very badly. Moreover, she stitched herself as there was no help at the moment.

Sue Aikens Bear Attack

Sue Aikens Bear Attack

After two days, she was rescued by a plane. She also met an accident with a big piece of ice which was equally life-threatening. But she survived both of them.

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