Summit1G Net Worth, Wiki, Salary, Divorce, Girlfriend-2020

SUMMIT1G NET WORTH: $2 million

Net Worth$2 million
Real NameJaryd Lazar
Date of BirthApril 23rd, 1987
ProfessionGamer, Youtuber
Channel NameSummit1g
Subscribers615k million
Ex-girlfriendDesirae Lazar
Family members4
NationalityUnited States of America


Summit1g is an internet celebrity known for his gaming videos and live streams on different platforms like YouTube and Twitch.

He was born in Colorado, the USA on 23rd April 1987 in a family of mixed ethnic origin. However, since he was born in the USA, he has the nationality of the country.

Summit1g is a gaming name that he uses for his online presence. However, his real name is Jaryd Lazar.

summit1g net worth

Summit1g net worth: $2 million

Jaryd is a secretive person and doesn’t share much about his personal life with the internet. No one knows much about his parents and his childhood.

However, it is known that he lives in Colorado Springs along with his younger brother.


Just like many other gamers, Summit1g started by playing video games for fun. He used to upload his gaming videos on his social media.

However, people following him started liking his videos and he realized his talent. Since then, he started playing video games professionally and created a Twitch account to stream live.

For those who are unaware of what Twitch is; Twitch is an online gaming platform where gamers live stream while playing games and the fans join the stream. So Jaryd got his popularity from Twitch with the nick ‘Summit1g’.

Before his gaming career hit off high, he was a call center representative at a multinational company. But after he realized that his real talent lies in gaming, he left the job and played Counter-Strike: GO day and night.

Summit1g on his gaming chair

Summit1g on his gaming chair

He has also played CS: GO on one of the world’s biggest gaming platforms like ESEA and FPL.

Currently, he is one of the most famous and loved Twitch streamers and has more than 570k subscribers on his YouTube channel summit1g.

One more thing he did that massively increased his fan following on Twitch was that he once live streamed pre-match conference between Floyd and McGregor. This thing brought many people to his channel and he enjoyed the followers.

His brilliant career is the reason why Summit1g net worth is $2 million.


If you were a famous celebrity having hundreds of thousands of followers around the world and have a net worth of $2 million, then you would also attract ladies interests from around the world. Same was the case with Summit1g.

He has been with a number of women since the started of his career and before it as well. However, he found a like-minded woman for himself, named ‘Desirae Lazar’ who is a fellow Twitch streamer and a dream spouse for Summit1g.

Summit1g with his girlfriend Desirae Lazar

Summit1g with his girlfriend Desirae Lazar

The couple shared a great bond together and eventually got married. Both of them lived a happy life and didn’t share any details with the media or fans.

However, it was known that the two of them mutually didn’t want children in their marriage.


Even though the couple was a match made in heavens, all the good things have to come to an end. Jaryl and Desire split up in 2016 and had a divorce.

The news was shocking for the fans of both of the sides. However, they never revealed the details of the event and kept it to themselves.

Even though they are not married now, Jaryl and Desire are still good friends. In fact, Desire is Summit1g’s manager at the moment and two of them appear together in videos frequently.

Yet, there is no sign that the two of them will work things out a spouse.

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