Tanner Fox Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Girlfriend-2020

Tanner Fox Net Worth: $800,000

Real NameTanner Fox
Date of BirthJanuary 22nd, 1999
ProfessionYouTuber, Scooter Stuntman
Channel NameTanner Fox
Subscribers8.5 million
GirlfriendTaylor Alesia
Family members

Who is Tanner Fox?

Tanner Fox is an internet personality who primarily uploads videos on YouTube to earn revenue showcasing his incredible scooter skills.

He was born on 22nd January 1999 which shows that he still is a teenager. Tanner has a massive following on various social media platforms which makes him one of the youngest stars out there.

But his major source of income remains YouTube which is one of the reasons why Tanner Fox net worth is $800,000 at this very young age.

Tanner Fox cars

Tanner Fox Posing On His Car

Tanner was a passionate bike rider. He used to follow some of the famous bikers out there and started practicing. Soon he converted his passion into his profession and started uploading videos on YouTube.

Apart from this, he also owns his personal selling brand and also advertises for others as well.

Early Life

Tanner Fox went to a private Catholic school in San Diego, California. He was one of the brightest students in the class. But his passion was bike riding. Apart from bikes, he also enjoyed hoverboards and scooties as a kid. In 2011, Tanner decided to start his YouTube venture and created a channel with an intention to upload bike stunt videos regularly. He was once filming a video in his school during class hours and was expelled. Since then, he studied privately.

Tanner Fox On His Scooter

Tanner Fox On His Scooter

Although this school incident was depressing, it got Tanner Fox’s morale further up. He saw it as a motivation to pursue his dreams and today he is living a lifestyle that people dream about even working for their entire life.


Some of the grown-ups might hate Tanner Fox because of his dating history. At this very young age, he already has an ex-girlfriend and a current girlfriend to his name.

His first girlfriend’s name was ‘Anna’. She was his high-school mate. But this is just a rumored affair and Tanner himself never confirmed any such thing.

He once posted on his twitter that only he, among his friends, is single and is looking for a girlfriend. His post got big response and a lot of girls started hitting on her.

However, he once revealed on his video that he has started dating another social media personality named ‘Taylor Alesia‘. The couple travels a lot and has video when they went to Disneyland.

Tanner Fox girlfriend

Tanner Fox and His girlfriend on vacation

Tanner fox girlfriend

Tanner Fox teaching his girlfriend how to drive

Tanner Fox's girlfriend Taylor Alesia

Tanner Fox’s girlfriend Taylor Alesia


Tanner Fox created a channel named ‘MTFilms’ in 2011. He was a bike stuntman since childhood. So he started making videos of himself doing tricks and teaching people tricks.

Soon he had a big enough fan following and subscribers on YouTube to earn him a big amount of cash.

As he has grown old, he has gone more mature, confident, and professional. His videos are now professionally edited.

Apart from stunt videos, Tanner Fox now makes interesting vlogs as well which ads to his fan following and video views. He also owns an online store on which he sales his personally branded clothes and other fashion stuff.

Tanner Fox posing with his car

Tanner Fox posing with his car

Apart from the bike, he also likes driving sports car. He had a Ferrari and rented a Lamborghini once. This is all possible because of Tanner Fox net worth of $0.8 million.

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