Todd Chrisley Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Children, Business, Instagram-2020

Todd Chrisley Net Worth: -$46 million

Real NameTodd Chrisley
Date of BirthApril 6th, 1969
ProfessionBusinessman, TV Star
Instagram AccountTodd Chrisley
SpouseJulie Chrisley (2nd Wife)
2 Daughters, 3 Sons
Grand Children
Family members12

Who is Todd Chrisley?

Todd Chrisley net worth is -$46 million. Yes, this is correct. He is a millionaire but in the negative direction.

Todd is a controversial personality in terms of finances. He went bankrupt which is the reason why he has a negative net worth.

He has established a company named ‘Chrisley & Company’. Moreover, he is known to the public due to the reality show ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ which is a reality TV show based on his family.

Todd Chrisley Net Worth

Todd Chrisley Net Worth: -$46 million

Todd Chrisley’s interesting life is discussed even further below. Continue reading to get to know about Todd Chrisley’s early life, his business, his family, his TV show, and much more.

Early Life

Todd Chrisley was born into a middle-class family and had a very simple and decent lifestyle.

He spent his childhood in the town of Westminster in South Carolina, USA. He was very close to his brother and the siblings were very keen on bike riding as kids.

Todd has not studied enough. He never went to the college and didn’t have any higher education. He is a self-made millionaire and reached this status by working hard.

Todd had the vision and the guts that are required to get to the status where he is right now. However, he is well aware of the importance of education.

Todd Chrisley Family

Todd Chrisley with Family

All of his children are either pursuing their higher education or are graduated. Giving such a lifestyle and making them pursue education is a tough thing and Todd seems to be doing it very nicely.

Business and Bankruptcy

Todd Chrisley became a millionaire with sheer hard work. He found his company ‘Chrisley Asset Management (CAM)’.

It was a real estate company that used to buy the non-performing assets and sell them after renovating to make a profit out of it.

The company was spread in different parts of the country and had the headquarter in Atlanta. Todd Chrisley was making a huge profit out of it until 2008.

In 2008, the real estate market collapsed and his business shattered. The company had a $49 million loan to repay.

That was when Todd filed for Bankruptcy. Currently, his family’s finances are being managed by his wife who is a former beauty pageant winner and is a millionaire herself.

Chrisley Knows Best-The TV Show

Todd Chrisley has a reality TV show based on his family. The show showcases the lavish lifestyle of the Chrisley family.

It was aired for the very first time in 2014. Since then, 5 seasons have been aired. The sixth one is on it’s way.

Chrisley Family-Chrisley Knows Best Cast

Chrisley Family-Chrisley Knows Best Cast

The show ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ is gaining popularity each and every season. Graph of the average audience is going up with the family gathering millions of viewers each season.

Chrisley Family Members

Chrisley was married to Teresa Terry. But the couple got divorced. He then married to Julie Chrisley. The couple is still together and is living a happy married life.

Chrisley family has 13 members and here is a list of all:

  1. Todd Chrisley
  2. Julie Chrisley-Spouse
  3. Savannah Chrisley-Daughter
  4. Lindsie Chrisley-Daughter
  5. Chase Chrisley-Son
  6. Grayson Chrisley-Son
  7. Kyle Chrisley-Son
  8. Randy Chrisley-Brother
  9. Derrick Chrisley-Brother
  10. Gene Raymond Chrisley-Father
  11. Faye Chrisley-Mother
  12. Jackson Campbell-Grandson
  13. Chloe Chrisley-Grand Daughter

Pictures of Chrisley Family’s Members

Chrisley Knows Best Cast

Todd Chrisley’s Family 

Julie Chrisley-Todd Chrisley's Wife

Julie Chrisley-Todd Chrisley’s Wife

Savannah Chrisley-Todd Chrisley's Daughter

Savannah Chrisley-Todd Chrisley’s Daughter

Lindsie Chrisley-Todd Chrisley's Daughter

Lindsie Chrisley-Todd Chrisley’s Daughter

Chase Chrisley-Todd Chrisley's Son

Chase Chrisley-Todd Chrisley’s Son

Grayson Chrisley-Todd Chrisley's Son

Grayson Chrisley-Todd Chrisley’s Son

Kyle Chrisley-Todd Chrisley's Son

Kyle Chrisley-Todd Chrisley’s Son

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