Truman Theodore Hanks’ Wiki and Girlfriend-2020

Truman Theodore Hanks’ Introduction

Truman Theodore Hanks was born on 26th December 1995, in Los Angeles. He is a celebrity kid, an off-spring of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.

Since he was a kid, Truman was a keen lover of sports and supported his favorite hockey team, Los Angeles Kings.

His father, Tom Hanks, has the common interest of watching hockey and supporting Los Angeles Kings, and so the father-son duo often goes to games together.

Truman is a keen lover of basketball as well and loves to watch Los Angeles Lakers play.

Tom Hank’s Marital History

Truman Theodore Hanks is a celebrity kid. His parents are the Hollywood celebrity couple ‘Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson’.

Truman’s father married twice in his lifetime. Tom Hanks first got married to his girlfriend, Samantha Lewes in 1978. Samantha was a co-worker and met Tom at the set of a movie they were working together for.

Unfortunately, the couple could only stay together for 9 years. They split up in 1987 and had a divorce.

Tom and Samantha have two children together, a daughter Elizabeth Hanks and a son named Colin Hanks.

The two kids happen to be Truman’s step-siblings.

Tom Hanks and Samantha Lewes. Tom Theodore Hanks' father and step-mother

Tom Hanks and Samantha Lewes

Tom Hanks got married again within a year of the divorce. It was Rita Wilson, another co-worker, with whom he shared a great bond.

The couple got married and had two kids. Truman Theodore Hanks was one of the two and the younger one. His other brother is Chester Marlon Hanks who is not much known to the public.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson posing for a picture

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson


Truman Theodore Hanks has quite a big family. He has three siblings. Two of them, Elizabeth Hanks and Colin Hanks, are his step-siblings.

Both of them were from Truman’s step-mother, Samantha Lewes. The eldest son, Colin and the youngest son, Truman has an age difference of 18 years.

Truman’s brother from his own mother is Chester Hanks.

The family is super messed up in terms of step-relations. But reportedly, there are no major issues faced by any of them.

However, it seems that Truman and Colin do not share a very meaningful relationship. They are rarely spotted together and never appear in media, together.


Truman has two step-siblings. His only sister, Elizabeth is a nice and kind-hearted person. She gets along with her step relations very well.

She respects her stepmother, Rita Wilson, and is really close to Truman. The fact that Elizabeth and Truman have an age difference of thirteen years doesn’t change anything between them.

By profession, Elizabeth is a writer and has worked in minor roles in a few Hollywood movies.

Tom Hanks Family Picture with Rita Wilson, Truman Theodore Hanks, and Colin Hanks

Hanks family posing for a picture

His full brother, Chester Marlon is a rapper by profession. He is a passionate singer but is held back due to his drug addiction problems.

His relationship with his mother is not very much known to the public. However, he is quite close to his father, Tom Hanks.

They have a common interest in hockey and go to watch hockey games often.

Truman Theodore Hanks, Tom Hanks, and Chester Hanks attending a hockey game

Truman Theodore Hanks, Tom Hanks, and Chester Marlon Hanks enjoying a game


Truman Theodore is a person who doesn’t like to be in the limelight. But he couldn’t help drawing attention due to the popularity of his parents.

However, he has been successful in hiding his love life from media. This indicates two things. Whether he is single or he is dating secretly.

The first one seems hard to believe. Of course, how many times have you seen a smart and rich celebrity kid remain single by the age of 23?


Truman Theodore Hanks is very still young. Just like his father, he has a thing for acting and wants a career in Hollywood.

But until now, he couldn’t achieve anything significant. He needs to work on his acting skills if he wants to have his father’s throne or at least wants to live up to his reputation.

However, Truman has featured in a few movies with a minor role and in some commercials as well.


Since Truman hasn’t still started his career officially, he doesn’t have a source of income and so his net worth is unknown.

On the other hand, his father, Tom Hanks, has a net worth of $400 million which indicate towards the fact that he doesn’t really need to push on for a career to have a source of income.

He has enough to live a luxurious life.


Back in 2013, Truman Theodore Hanks introduced himself to the public through Reddit.

He posted from his account that he was the youngest son of the superstar Tom Hanks and people could ask him any question they want. People responded and soon he had a pile of questions and engagements.

Naturally, fans asked what they didn’t know about him; relations between his family members.

He was asked about his relationship with his father and any favorite moment. Truman replied that he has a great bond with his father. There are several, not any single, favorite moment.

The next question was about his only true brother, Chester Hanks. A fan wanted to know how the two of them used to get along?

Truman replied that they were like every brother-brother duo. Chester was dominant as a kid and used to beat him a bit. However, it was just a childhood thing that everyone does.

For a twist, his brother Chester replied: “Love you brother” in the very same thread. However, a little investigation confirmed that the account was fake and it was not really Chester Hanks.

Chester himself tweeted confirmation and filed a complaint against the account. The fake account was banned. This AMA made Truman Theodore Hanks famous and increased his fan following.

Truman is a social person. He is a keen Instagram user and has an account with almost 600 followers. He doesn’t allow random people following him. Instead, his account is private.

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